Welcoming “R”

Life without LOVE is not life at all” -Leonardo Da Vinci

Words can’t describe how excited I am to finally meet you,

Wondering what you look like in person is the only thing I can think about,

And when it comes to the first time I see you,

Or hear your voice,

I know it was love at the first sight.

You’re a little miracle send from God to us. Not only my valentine, but you are my everything.

Welcome home, baby R 🙂


  1. Gadung Giri says:

    Selamat datang di purwokerto

    1. Hahah semacem tulisan tugu di perbatasan purwokerto ya

      1. Gadung Giri says:

        Ya kira kira begitulah.. selamat yaa…

  2. deadyrizky says:

    welcome to the world dedekkkkk

  3. Weleh2 kemarin lho nanya nama. Balik sekarang malah cuma dikasih tau R aja, haha.

    Di share doong kenapa dinamain ituu, nama kan doaa, jd biar di doain semoga sehat dan bahagia selalu adiknya, ibu dan ayahnyaa 😊😊

    1. Wkwwkk ditulisan mendatang yaaah…tulisan ini aku bikin juga pas istirahat 5 menit dari bayi huhuh jadi cepet2. Everynight is a restless night~~

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