LET’S GET LOST! (gallery) : Toba Lake, North Sumatra, Indonesia

This is the picture I’ve taken from my trip to Medan (North Sumatra, Indonesia) in 2013. I didn’t take much picture of this lake, but you will know in every photo, the view was very AMAZING. I didn’t make an article for this trip, because it was more than 2 years ago, but I want to encourage YOU to feel the amazingness atmosphere in here. All the view of Lake Toba taken in Simalem Resort,it’s a very luxurious and calming resort in town. you can get the information HERE. All the pictures taken before I make this blog.
lake toba

Lake Toba view from the hills

simalem resortSimalem ResortĀ 

lake toba view from Simalem Resort #1


lake toba view from Simalem Resort #2


unique traditional motor-pedicab on the city of MedanĀ 

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